Ladies! Her Are The 5 Things You Should Never Tell Your Friends About Your Man

From time to time, girls will always be girls and they love to talk so they will always talk just about anything and literally everything but as ladies, there are some things that are better left unsaid.

Even when you’re with your best friend ever and you’ve had a few glasses of wine, discretion is best, if you want to avoid embarrassment and potential hurt to your partner later. If you want your relationship to last long, and I’m you do, then you need to stop discussing your relationship with people. Here are some things you should never discuss with your friends about your man else you may not like the outcomes.

His income: Success is a very important thing for men, don’t ever discuss how much your man is making with your friends. Finances are always a personal matter, almost as personal as undergarments. Therefore, such matters should stay between the two of you. Whether he meets all your financial needs or not, keep it to yourself. For example, it would really hurt him in case he found out that you said he can’t provide for you.

His annoying habits at home: Everyone has their imperfections. Things that they as individuals find comfortable but are very annoying for you as a partner in one way or another. A home is a place of safety, where he can chill out and relax without limitations. Some people like to be half naked while at home just to enjoy some fresh air and privacy. I’m ladies can relate to this. So if there is something that he does at home that nags you, then talk to him about it, not to your friends.

His partners past: As a relationship grows, people open up and even revisit uncomfortable conversations or topics like that of an ex especially if it ended in a rough way. So for him to have told you about his, it only means that he trusts you so don’t betray that trust by repeating everything he has told you about his personal life with your friends. Painful memories and experiences are not things men are comfortable discussing at all, so if he has told you about it, keep these confidential things to yourself.

Your partner’s fears and phobias: Forget the boys for a second, men are in a way different from women and it’s always difficult for them to share their fears and phobia so if your partner goes the way to share his with you, then please keep it to yourself and don’t share it with anybody else.

His bedroom antics: This is literally the most important of all. Whatever happens between you and your partner in the bedroom should stay there, all the fantasies, sexual escapades should stay between you both and should never be shared among your friends. Trust me you wouldn’t want any of your friends wondering around your man just to confirm whether any of the things you told them about your man in bed is true. If he has any inefficiencies, seek solutions from your superiors or any relevant persons for that matter but not among your friends. Better talk to him and find solutions together but make no mistake, don’t say a thing to your girl-group. 




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