10 Signs Your Maid-of-Honor Rocks

Here are 10 signs your maid-of-honor is definitely a keeper!

She helps the bridesmaids bond. 
She makes an effort to get to know all of the other bridesmaids and goes out of her way to make sure everyone is comfortable together.

She’s tuned in to your priorities. 
She’s aware of which planning elements are most important to you and makes it her personal mission to see that they’re done right.

She’s decisive. 
She knows you have ten million little decisions to make and is happy to weigh in whenever you ask.

She makes tedious tasks fun. 
Even stuffing envelopes can be a great time if you have your bestie by your side!

She’s enthusiastic. 
She is basically just as excited for your wedding as you are. She’s there with a smile to ease any stress.

She takes initiative. 
She offers to help with specific tasks before you even have to ask.

She steps up as point-person. 
She asks the bridesmaids to contact her with any questions/concerns. She introduces herself to the wedding coordinator and makes it known that she’s there to smooth out any hiccups.

She comes prepared. 
She’s not one to show up empty-handed. She brings your favorite champagne and an awesome playlist to the bridal party getting-ready suite. And of course she comes armed with an emergency kit.

She maintains perspective. 
Bride brain can blow trivial issues out of proportion and make tiny decisions seem make-or-break. A great maid-of-honor is there to gently bring you back down to earth.

She plays enforcer when necessary. 
She'll help follow up with late RSVPs or track down that bridesmaid who has gone rogue and forgotten to order her dress on time.

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