3 Things You Should Not Forget To Do With Your Husband On Your Wedding Day

We all know a wedding day is all about the couple. They are the reason for the awesome gathering, and also the reason why people came from far and near just to celebrate the newly wedded couple.

With hearts and minds full of excitement by the couple, as they both cannot wait to tie the knot and say ‘I Do’ to each other, there are few things, however, that the bride should not forget to do on the wedding day and Mikolo is here to share the top three things:

  1. Press pause: Everyone will tell you your wedding will be the quickest day of your life, and they aren’t lying. Because of this, it’s so important to press pause, and really take it all in. Whether you step outside, head to a quiet corner or just take a second on the dance floor, take a moment to absorb it all and soak it up. Chances are, this is the only time you will have every single person you care about under one roof. Remember, and marvel in the fact that all these people are here for both of you, to celebrate your love and new life together. Make a memory together, and take mental snapshots even if it’s just for a few seconds.
  2. Kiss because you want to, not because you are posing for a selfie: You will be told by your photographer when, where and even how to kiss a hundred times throughout the day, so keep the Chapstick and mints handy. You’ll also have guests clanking their silverware on their wine glasses at any given moment for on the spot kisses, too. One thing you can’t forget to do, however, is to kiss your husband when YOU want, and not just because you’re told. While the best one will undoubtedly immediately follow the magical “you may now kiss your bride”, embrace the emotional special moments throughout the evening and plant one on your new hubby whenever you want.
  3. Exchange something: Many couples choose to exchange gifts before they make it down the aisle. Think about exchanging handwritten letters, notecards, or even just a quick message. Give each other something that you can hold on to and cherish, but also to let each other know you’re thinking of the other, and how excited you are to be married to him/her. Have a bridesmaid exchange these for you before the wedding, or consider swapping during that “pause” moment we mentioned earlier. In such a digital age, a written note can, and should, be cherished forever.



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