Yes i will Marry You – Allan and Lillian Engagement

Towards the end of last year McCallan Musoke posted to his Facebook wall praises of his girlfriend Lillian Nassanga and we knew something was cooking. We 

"I entered this year alone, am leaving it with a star of amazing beauty and wisdom. Its this God i serve that makes my heart to rejoice in all things and to constantly anticipate good things." Allan posted

Hardly 4 months into the New year, Allan got to his knee and asked Lillian for her hand in marriage in an event that was attended by their close friends at Nanjing Restaurant & Motel. 

Allan is a Director at SynzaArt while Lillian is a Software Engineer

You've been such an inspirational couple t Pneuma and we can only wish you the ver best in your new journey and events planning. Mikolo is here for you

Here are moments from the event.



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