The 5 Toughest Things About Wedding Planning

Your wedding is going to be incredible no matter what—but there may be a few bumps in the road along the way especially in the planning process. Today we look at the five toughest things about wedding planning—including the most stressful parts plus couples’ real life experience and what they say about planning.

Determining budget and guest size

The first two steps of wedding planning are often the most difficult. Deciding on a budget can involve some awkward conversations (“Mom, Dad…can you help us pay for the wedding?”) and creating the guest list can cause some hurt feelings (sorry, second cousin Fred!). Though the average cost of a wedding is around UGX 30 million and the average guest count for a wedding is 250, this may vary widely depending on your wedding style and location. Remember (and you’re going to hear this a lot), your wedding is your day, and you should be comfortable both with how much you’re spending and who you’re inviting—so you do you!

Making decisions

We’ll admit, there is a lot of wedding inspiration out there—and it can be difficult to narrow it all down. Our advice: Pick a wedding style and color palette and stick with it. Don’t let yourself veer too off-course, and, if possible, hire a wedding planner like Mikolo to help keep things cohesive.

Keeping track of expenses

The fact is, you’re probably going to be spending money left and right during this whole wedding planning process and it can be difficult (or practically impossible) to keep track of all the money that seems to be flying out of your wallet. Use an online budget tool to help stay organized.

Knowing you’re on the right track with planning

If you’ve never planned a wedding before, it can be hard to know that you’re doing things “right.” Remember there is no “right” way to plan a wedding—but following a wedding checklist can ensure you’re getting everything done.

Finding vendors

Your wedding vendors are the people who will bring your wedding vision to life—so it’s important to pick people you genuinely like and trust. And when it comes to finding your vendor team, there’s no better way to start than by with a visit to and also read some of the vendor reviews—you’ll be able to read about other couples’ experiences to find wedding pros that will help create the wedding of your dreams.

Couples’ real life experience with the planning process

For Brian and Asher Musisi Kiberu who walked down the aisle on 13th August 2016, it was a bit of a challenge and Asher emphasizes that it’s best if you hire a wedding planner and exploit their experience.

“It’s better if you use a planner because these people are experienced and know where to get what item in its most appropriate quality,” Asher remarks.

Likewise, Darphine and Allan Roy McKenzie who tied the knot on 13th November 2016, seem to subscribe to the same school of thought. Although Darphine organized most of the service providers by herself over the phone, through Facebook, emails, and WhatsApp, she advises that employing an event planner would be very key to having a successful event and avoid the stress.

And on that note, therefore, that’s why Mikolo has developed for an android application to make things much easier for you.

“If I was to do another occasion, I would go through event planners to avoid the stress, anxiety and nervousness of whether things will go according to plan,” Darphine adds.



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