5 Alternatives To The Traditional Wedding Speech

Weddings: The time when many of us are expected to suddenly become expert orators, effortlessly delivering a speech that perfectly balances sentimentality and humour, memories and innuendo. If, like most of us, public speaking isn’t part of your day job, the traditional demands of a wedding speech might have you feeling just a little bit uneasy.

The good news is that you can relax – here at Wedding Ideas HQ we’ve seen more than our fair share of speeches in every guise imaginable, so here are 5 of the best alternatives to the traditional wedding speech, so you can find a way to sleep easy and speak easily when the wedding day comes!

Make a video

If you feel comfortable to write a speech but the delivery is daunting, a video is the answer you’re looking for. Get dressed up a few days beforehand and record a video of you giving your speech ahead of time. You can then play this to the bride, groom and guests at the reception, taking the pressure off. Record your speech close to the wedding so you’ll still be feeling all the right emotions to share heartfelt words and consider just adding a sentence or two yourself on the day to make it even more personal. For a blow-out wedding speech video, you need to check out this Everton footballer’s best man’s video!

Perform a rap

A few of our real life bridesmaids have blown us away by rapping their speeches. If you’ve got the guts to do it, you’re guaranteed to have a speech that is remembered for all the right reasons. Not only will it be different, it’ll be an injection of fun into a sometimes drawn out tradition that the guests will love you for! You could group together with the groomsmen or bridesmaids if you don’t fancy going solo.

Read a Poem

If writing the words is what’s making you feel queasy, you’ll love poems as alternatives to the traditional wedding speech. You’ll need to put in some hours in the library or trawling the net, but you’ll be rewarded with beautifully written words that will be a delight for everyone to hear and can still sum up the sentiment of the day perfectly. Make a start with some of these alternative wedding readings.

Tell a story

Another solution if it’s getting the speech written that’s the sticking point for your wedding speech. Rather than start from nothing, why not open your speech with an anecdote? Talking about something that has already happened gives you a great start with content for the speech, relaxing you so when you get to the end of the tale you’ll be ready with more digressions, words or ideas to follow.

Get the guests involved

Traditional wedding speeches have a tendency to put all the attention on the speaker. Turn tradition on its head and have the guests or even the bride and groom get involved as part of your speech! You could have guests guess what comes next in a story about the couple or even turn your speech into a Mr and Mrs style quiz for the bride and groom – you’ll definitely get some laughs (without the cringey jokes!).



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