We Met At a Restaurant; Daphine & Rogers, a Tale of Love At First Sight

By Robert K James

What in the world is more amazing than spotting a dark haired stranger across a grubby restaurant who finds you equally stunning? Well, that was the case for Roger Kabuye and Daphine Atukunda who met at a restaurant almost nine years ago.  A tale of love at first sight.

“We met at a restaurant in 2008. I had gone for dinner with my family and he was also there with his friends,” Daphine recollects.

It’s often said that all that glitters is not gold, but surely all the glitters is worth not taking off your eyes until you discover the treasure in it. At least that’s the reason why Roger, a campus graduate at the time couldn’t keep his eyes off a senior four student seated across the restaurant.

“He kept on looking at me throughout the whole evening,” she says. Moments later, when Daphine took a French to answer nature’s call, Roger saw it as an opportunity to speak to her. “When I got up to go use the bathroom, he saw it as a chance to talk to me. He followed me and we exchanged numbers.”

After several years of courting, Roger asked for Daphine’s hand in marriage when he came down on his knees in a surprise proposal that she freshly remembers like it was yesterday. “He came to my workplace without my knowledge with flowers and a ring. He knelt right in front of my workmates and bosses. I wasn’t expecting it,” she depicts.

On 4th September 2016, Daphine made everything official as she introduced her keeper to her entire family, relatives and friends at a successful giveaway ceremony at Ndere Centre in Kisasi where they fed and entertained over 400 guests.




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