Meet Tynea, a 19 Year Old Who Recently Got Married

“Time waits for no man and the early bird eats the worm,” are the two English adages that come to mind when you hear of 19-year old Tynae’s love story.

Tynae Jjingo, a Nabisunsa Girls’ School and Kakungulu Memorial Secondary School old girl over the recently shocked her former schoolmates as she got married off to her boyfriend. Although not many details about this union have been revealed, it is said that the S.6 vacist held a traditional wedding at her parent’s home that was done to seal-off their engagement.

Hearsay also has it that she was seeing her boyfriend for quite some good time. It is this swain she allegedly always met without the consent of her parents back home before getting pregnant.

Although it looks too early for her to be joining the marriage industry, that’s not for us to judge and we can only wish her the best in this journey.

It also remains to stand the test of time on whether she will go ahead complete her education.



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