Our First Date Was At Church; Bridget & Ronald’s Love Story

“Ronald and I met at a relative’s wedding where I was a bride’s maid and he was one of the groomsmen,” Bridget Mary Nakimera recollects on how she and her hubby Ronald Walungama met.

Together they matched down and through aisle, dancing to the beats as they waved to viewers in joy and celebration on behalf of the wedded couple. As Elvis left the building, Ronald braved up and asked Bridget for her digits although he didn’t succeed.  She was still playing hard to get.

Having been a bride’s maid for many times, such things of one of the groomsmen asking for her number weren’t new to Bridget. In fact, such things always didn’t catch her attention. With a resounding No in his ears, the two went separate ways but Ronald wasn’t just about to give up the chase.

“The next morning I got a call from a stranger who wanted a date. I refused to go for it since it was a Sunday and church was knocking at the door. I explicitly told him I wasn’t interested in him at all,” Bridget reminisces about their conversation.

“Stop joking around, am not playing or conning you because you’re going to be my future wife,” can you imagine!!!, that’s what he said to me before I burst into laughter because no man had ever said such a crazy thing to me at that time. 

As he said all that, Bridget was busy marvelling and speculating on how Ronald even got her number. On asking him, he said he would only tell her if he they met at church that day. Definitely the traps had been laid, and no heart ready for cupid to strike his proverbial arrow through it would escape this one. ‘Curiosity killed the cat,’ goes an English adage. 

“Then I remembered, earlier on that wedding day, we had exchanged numbers with all brides’ maids and yet one of them was his sister but I had no idea at the time. So he comes to Rubaga Cathedral for mass and unwillingly, we got our first date in church. That’s where the love story begun from until forever.”

After five good years of courting, Bridget decided to introduce Ronald to her family, friends and loved ones on October 29th 2016 in Kawempe at glamorous event. Two and half months later, Ronald, clad in a blue suit returned the favour as he walked Bridget who was donned in a strap mermaid wedding gown down the aisle on Friday 13th January 2017 at the heart of Kampala at Christ the King church.

The couple had photo-shoots at Imperial Beach and at Emini Pasha Hotel before heading to their reception at Ruth Gardens in Kisasi where they fed and entertained their guests. As we speak, Ronald, a businesman, balances Bridget’s books who is an auditor by profession. .

Although Bridget acknowledges that planning was a stressful moment for her, she also says it was such a bonding moment for them and advises couples to plan and make their wedding together. “It is one of the best experiences; it bonds and gives lots of memories to keep.”

Wedding Planner: Majo’s Uniqueness

Make up: Diane make up studio and Santo’s Salon

Cake by: Cake studio

Gown from: The bride

Maids Dresses: Unik bridals and Celebrity styles

Car service-Toyota Benz

Décor by: Holy Mark Events

Music & Public Address System: DJ Pius sounds

Catering services: Millo‘s catering services

Photography by: Say Cheers Photo Studio




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