Why You Must Choose Beautiful Maids For Your Wedding

By Robert K James

Opinion: Oftentimes people fail to tell the naked truth for fear of hurting other people’s feelings, and to those being told, it’s often hard to take it in. But the good thing about the truth is that it doesn’t change, facts are facts. You just can’t argue with them.

On that note therefore, allow me to hit the nail on its head and put this straight to you. People or brides-to-be often think that anyone as long as she’s their friend is fit to be a maid on her wedding day. No. A very very big No.

You must choose beautiful people to be maids on your wedding day. Yes, some may be good looking but we have all been told this in life before, sometimes good is just not good enough. So, some of your girl-friends may be beautiful but not beautiful enough to be your maids. But, quote me well, no one is saying don’t choose amongst your friends because choosing friends can be extremely helpful in many ways. So don’t look for beauty queens to parade. Just choose presentable friends.

Trust me you don’t want to set yourself up for a potential nightmare when your photo album finally comes out. I’m not saying it won’t come out beautiful, I’m just saying it won’t be beautiful enough to satisfy your expectations. Much as you want your photos to be nice, perhaps even perfect and that’s the role of the photographer to ensure that they are, give them something good to work with.

You can’t have a nice meal prepared minus the right ingredients with proper measurements. Quit thinking that you’re doing your friends favours or must honour them by appointing them to be maids on your special day. Therefore, stage some gorgeous maids, then sit back and wait for a cool ride down the memory lane when your photo album finally comes out.

On top of that, you must have chosen a good photographer to help you capture those beautiful moments. Not everybody that knows how to hold a camera and press a few buttons on it is a photographer or a good one for that matter. Look at some of their previous works before you make that very important decision.

At least, www.mikolo.com has simplified that for you, log onto the website or vendors.mikolo.com and choose among the best photographers around town today; book for their services online or send your inquiries.

Besides, there are also different roles that bridesmaids play. So you must ensure that the people you’re choosing are ready to play those different roles.

NB: Don’t shot the messenger.



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Bonnie and Wilbroad wedding album via mikolo.com