Wilson Mutura & Ann Muhonja In Second Lavish $35,000 Wedding

Remember 27 year old Wilson Wanjohi Mutura and 24 year old Anne Muhonja, a Kenyan couple who spent only $1 on their wedding, well, they have been treated to a second lavish $35,000 wedding ceremony funded by well-wishers.

In 2016, Wilson and Ann Mutura postponed their wedding twice after failing to raise $300 (£240). The couple decided to get married early this year with a minimum expense of $1 (200 Kenyan Shillings), spending half of it on two wedding rings and the other half on dinner.

The couple became a social media sensation after photos of their wedding surfaced on the internet as online commentators praised their move pointing out that weddings are becoming increasingly expensive.

Having taken social media by storm, the couple won themselves an all paid expense honeymoon to Diani, Mombasa funded by a local tour and travel company, Bonfire Adventures. Wilson and Ann got a fully paid 5-day trip to Mombasa where they stayed in a four-star hotel.

Now that’s what we call being born lucky.




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Salma Sandra's Nikka via mikolo