Wedding Dance Floor Ideas

As the case may be, you are super busy thinking about flowersfood and guests. But, don’t fail to pay attention to your reception dance floor. This huge wedding element is a white canvas that allows you to be creative and can, when done right, take your reception from drab to fully fab!

The basic brown wood dance no longer needs to be simple and boring. From the extravagant hand-painted dance floor designed with the bride and groom’s logo, to one covered in a colored gam (vinyl) to match your room’s décor, or one lit from above with colored lights and a gobo projecting your initials – the days of the basic brown dance floor are long gone. Here are a few pretty suggestions!

Illuminated Dance Floors.

This kind of flooring is mostly used in contemporary weddings because it creates a club type of feeling thanks to its cool changing colors. But, you got to admit that when it is used in white an illuminated dance floor looks very elegant.

Out-of-the-box Shapes.

If you are looking for an element that brings the wow factor to your wedding, look no more. These non-square shaped dance floors are the way to go. If you like the circular ones, check my post about round ceremony set-ups. It would be the perfect way to get a cohesive look between your ceremony and your reception.

Light Patterns.

Haring a lighting expert is a must do if you are planning to get married in a ballroom. He can bring your dance floor to live by creating a pattern and/or bring a touch of color like in pic #2. For the audacious couples covering the dance floor in a colored pattern (vinyl) to match the décor is a must (photo #4)

Monogramed Dance Floors.

Monograms are the easiest way to brand your wedding day. When it comes to dance floors, you have to choices you can have a custom-made flooring with your initials (photos no.1 and no.4) or have your lighting guy do the magic like in photos #2 and #3.

Take the Party Outside.

Now if you are throwing a tented affair, have your sitting and tables inside the tent and place your dance floor outside. It is a great choice for hot summer nights and can would also save some money on your tent rent-bill by acquiring a smaller tent.




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