Jasper Ashaba introduces Nickson at Atom Leadership Gardens Muyenga

For some couples, 2017 has kicked off on a high note and the case was no different on Wednesday January 4th as Jasper introduced the apple of her eye, Nickson to her parents, relatives and friends.

It was splendid a mushanana affair for the bride and her maids whereas Nickson opted for a suit. Jasper wore a white mushanana with green sleeves while her maids turned out in gold and white outfits. At Atom Leadership Gardens in Muyenga, the green venue was decorated in orange satin that clothed the round tables. Plastic chairs adorned in brilliant white pieces of cloth couldn’t have made the venue look any better with a bouquet of flowers at the center of each table plus the glasses and napkins.

Jasper with her maids later on changed into deep-blue mushanana as they came out to cut the beautiful cake.

Photo Credit: Alexander Photography

Splendid decor at Jasper & Nickson's Introduction Ceremony

Jasper & here husband Nickson

Jasper looked amazing in a Mushanana

Jasper's amazing entourage

Decor was on point.....

Jasper Ashaba





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