A Letter From A Wedding Planner: What Your Wedding Planner Wishes You Knew

Your wedding planner is there to coordinate your wedding event and ensure you stay on schedule while averting any sort of disasters that might come up. While his or her job may seem perfect and flawless, most wedding planners will tell you that their job is not exactly a walk in the park. Here are some of the things that they really wish you would know as a couple.

They are not exactly your personal assistant

While you expect the wedding planner to run the event, there are some tasks that are just not meant to be done by them. Running your personal errands like taking care of babysitting, calling the service guys or anything like that should be taken care of by the couple’s relatives.

Your wedding planner has a grand role of carrying out wedding related roles, ensuring that there is coordination and that timelines are met. They are not going to carry out these roles efficiently if you still expect them to be running after toddlers or wild teenagers.

They are not here to handle your family drama

Wedding planners are paid to coordinate your wedding. However, they are not here to handle every challenge that is encountered during the event.  While they may be able to handle a situation on set up or catering, they might not exactly be in a position to prevent family feuds or any other relationship drama that may happen.

Ensure that your guest list has exactly the number of people that you would like to see at your wedding. If your exes or any other family or friends are likely to cause drama at your wedding, scrap them off the guest list.

Time is money

For a newly engaged couple, wedding planning is an exciting process. However, while you may want to go to every wine and cake tasting, the wedding planner does not have to be involved in every trip that you make. On the other hand, your family and friends may be more than willing to accompany you to every vendor visit you make.

Basically, the wedding planner is pleased to accompany you to visit vendors. However, if you are going to be visiting them just for free tasting, there is no need of tagging them along and if you do, you definitely have to pay for it. Wedding planners will provide and recommend vendors that you would like. They can also help you in selecting those that work for you.

Be reasonable

Your wedding planner may at some point share an idea that you do not exactly like. Snapping or shouting at them without expressing your vision will not in any way help the situation. Letting your wedding planner know exactly what you had in mind is a stepping stone to making your dream come true. Be honest, understanding and cooperative. At the end of the day, you are paying for and expect top-notch service.



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