“I Must Admit Akon’s Music Had A Lot To Do With Our Marriage” Says The Bride

What is your name and your hubby’s name?

 I’m Anthea Paula Turwomwe, and now Mascot. My sweet husband is called Benon Mascot

How did the two of you meet?

 Interesting… We share similar close friends so we had encounters on different occasions but never really noticed each other or paid attention. He was later hospitalised, I went with our friends to see him. Later when he got better, one of our friend’s wife gave birth and you know how it is, friends camp at hospital until mother and child are discharged.

During that time, we became close, and our friends were actually wondering why we had never gotten together. We became closer and closer overtime, which wasn’t difficult because we shared the same crowd and hence had similar interests. Interestingly, we were both mad about Akon and his music. So I must admit Akon had a lot to do with our union…ha-ha. But of course being very good followers of Jesus Christ, we believe God had a lot to do with our union.

Mascot (L) with wife Anthea together with best man and maid of honor

What is your occupation and what does your husband do?

I am a marketer; I quit my job one and a half years ago to start my own marketing company called 80/20 marketing Ltd. He is an economist in one of the banks.

Do you have any children?

No, not yet, but God willing and we know He wills it, we shall have them.

For how long had you been dating before Mascot asked for your hand in marriage?

I don’t think we dated. I think dating is for guys who are not really sure if they want to marry a girl or not. From when we met, a few weeks later he told me, be sure this is leading to marriage, I’m not playing any games and I believed him.

So the whole time we were together until the wedding, we were working towards marriage, not something that might not work out. If we angered one other, we looked at it in the sense of what if we were married, how we would deal with this. In the end it helped because we didn’t treat the relationship like bus we had boarded and could abandon in case the journey failed.

When and where was your giveaway/kwanjula?

My giveaway was at 7 Trees Kololo. I’m so traditional and conservative. I really wanted it to take place in my hometown of Igara-Bushenyi but the odds were against it so we ended up doing it in Kampala which wasn’t bad at all.

The couple during the giveaway

So towards your wedding, how was the planning process for you as a couple?

The planning process was so easy. My husband and I are very good at decision making. I had one option for almost all the services. There was nothing like choosing five and we eliminate the rest till we get the best, no… We chose the decorator, cards, reception, photographer in a split second and made bookings right away. So I must say I wasn’t stressed at all by the panning process.

Did you have any wedding meetings, and if so, how many were they?

Yes, we did have wedding meetings, maybe about four.

When was your wedding? At which church where you married and where was the reception?

Our wedding was on 25th June 2016 at Royal Suites Hotel Bugolobi.  We were wedded at All Saints’ Cathedral, Nakasero. We both went and still go there for Wednesday and Sunday service so making that choice was a walk over.

Couple exchanging vows at All Saintsâ?? Cathedral, Nakasero

Mascot preparing to kiss the bride

Did you go for a photo-shoot and if yes; where was it, and who was your photographer? 

We had a photo shoot at the hotel. Both room and gardens, isn’t that so cool. Our photographer was APT Media. Solomon is a very nice person and professional to work with.

Best moment at your wedding.

Everything at the wedding was nice but I think it was dancing to Akon’s music that offered the best moments. I remember we walked into the reception on an Akon song, ‘Be With You’ and later on danced to his ‘Rely’ for our first dance. And like said, Akon had a lot to do with our union.

Couple dancing to Akon's music

Where did you go for your honeymoon and what was your experience?

Ha-ha, the honeymoon question. That we choose to keep to ourselves but we stayed at a very beautiful resort. It was nice spending quality time with one another. There is no such feeling like a getting away, I mean you are miles and miles from home, you are with this person and you know you have just the 2 of you to depend on. If one disappears even for a second you are already panicking because you are each other’s keeper and are dependent on them.

I think it’s something couples need to do more often not only after the wedding. It reminds you of so many things like the reasons you got together and how much you can’t do without the other. It also gives you enough time to bond and make serious life time plans.

Any advice you would wish to share with couples planning to get married.

I would advise people not to leave this whole desire to get married to chance or whatever may come. First, if you’re a believer you have got to pray.  The minute my husband and I realised that we needed to consult God for lifetime partners, God opened doors for us and he just didn’t open them but opened them wide. I remember I was a bit selfish in my prayers, I asked God to the detail. I would tell God, “I know this sounds a bit selfish but please I would want my husband to come from a hometown next to mine. I don’t want to be so far away from my family.”

I repeated it every time I prayed for my future husband. God is very interesting; he gave me a husband whose hometown is about 30mins from my parents’ hometown. So the advice is whatever it is, God will listen to it, even the tiniest of things, ask and God will listen. Put God first, he will guild your options, your decisions, fight your enemies or whatever might get in the way of a good union.

Couple and the Entourage at the church

Who were some of your service providers for the wedding?

Luckily for car services we had a number of friends who had the exact same brand of vehicles we wanted to use so they advised we save our money. J But all my serve providers were spot on. I had no complaints whatsoever. I would recommend them on any day.

Decor was by Melinda of Decor Concept & Design

Cake was by Sarah Cakes

Make up was by Brenda of Bee-Dolled

PA/ Music was by D&J

Photography & video coverage was by APT Media

Our clothes were got from England and the USA. I had sisters there who made the orders. My maids had there’s from KWESH and M’Adelaide.


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