A Gorgeous Green and Gold Wedding Decoration Theme

It’s not very often that you find a giveaway ceremony being held outside the confines of a homestead but with the increasingly limited space for many town dwellers in their homes, it will soon become more common.

Sufficient space is one of the key factors that determine the success of an event. No wonder Patricia was compelled to take her kwanjula at JMK Gardens, near Kampala International Hospital. At her venue, a blend of green, red and gold adorned her introduction with Andrew as different tents where distinguished with different colour designs.

The bride’s gazebo was made of draping white and decorated with clusters of white roses and green plus three red-covered seats in the middle.

A big white chair fronted with a small-glassed table made the headlines in the groom’s tent. The small table was decorated with yellow roses, a bottle of wine, two silver plates along with white napkins and some splash to quench his thirst.

 The groom’s tent also had green-covered round tables that were circumvented with gold-covered seats. Each table had a small basket of apples, a cluster of red flowers, two bottles of wine and glasses plus silver plates each with a white napkin.

Rossy Roots Events also designed the other tent with a blend of white covered tables that were surrounded by red seats. Each table was also adorned with red flowers, silver plates containing white napkins, a basket of apples, a bottle of wine and glasses.




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Yusuf weds Moreen via mikolo.com