13 Inspirational Red Changing Dresses for a Bride Who Loves Red

While red wedding dresses have been the customary choice for brides in many Eastern cultures including China and India, they have recently gained popularity among Western brides as well. The color red historically symbolizes good luck, success, prosperity, love, happiness, and fertility. In recent years, top wedding dress designers like Vera Wang, Theia, and Oscar de la Renta have began incorporating red into their couture bridal lines, making this bold color a more mainstream choice than ever before.

Whether you’re choosing a red to align with cultural traditions, or if you just like the bold statement this color makes, there’s quite a few red off the shelf wedding dresses to choose from. The dresses on this list vary drastically in cut, color, and fabric, so there’s something for every bride. Many of the dresses can be ordered with exact measurements, so you can skip a trip to the tailor. We’ve rounded up 13 of our favorite red changing dresses below.




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