Music Selection; why a couple should help the deejay select some of the music to be played

When all the planning is done and everything is set in motion for your giveaway or wedding, there are few final things that couple should put their minds to, for example the music selection.

Music selection is something many couples tend to overlook. Most of them rely on planners to do the selection for them while others imagine that the deejay will know what to do at every particular moment that comes.

Yes, any professional deejay will know what song to play at what moment. But, bear it in mind that these planners or deejays you’re choosing to trust to do the right thing don’t know you as a couple in terms of musical taste and preference.  

For long I have heard many express their disappointments about a deejay at the end of an event claiming that he was either fake or should have done better in his musical selections.

Recently, I was watching a giveaway ceremony on television and when the master of ceremony called upon the bride to come greet her guests, the deejay played Ziza Bafana’s “Tuli majje” track. No offense to the artist, but seriously!!! It isn’t the kind of track anyone would expect for that moment and believe me when I say the bride was not only surprised but also gave off a facial disappointment for second.

Surely, you would expect him to play band song but not a dancehall song. Songs like ‘Atuse’ by Rema Namakula, ‘Sibokya’ by Princess Amira, ‘Begombeko’ by Irene Namubiru among many others would better suite the moment.

Therefore, you should be involved in this musical selection. Choose the songs you want to be played at certain key moments of the event. The song you wanna dance to as a couple when called to officially open the dance.

It’s your event and you have to be invested in each and every step of it even if you hire a planner. Monitor the progress of things and be mindful of such little details because they could ruin the day for you.



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