Kukyala, a close family event for a couple that intend to get married

When a couple starts courting, there comes a time when they have to take things to the next level as the relationship and intimacy continues to grow. To the ladies, for a guy that intends to put a ring on your finger, there will come a time when he asks to meet your parents.

Traditionally, this kind of process towards marriage was overseen by a girl’s marital auntie but times have changed. Many people prefer to rather meet the parents and then the auntie later instead of having it the other way round. Some just meet unofficially at parties and events.

A girl informs her parents about her desire to bring her boyfriend home and asks them for a date on which they will be ready to meet him officially. When that date is agreed on, her swain is expected to come around for a brief but rather very vital introduction.

The key purpose for this visit is for the parents to get acquainted with the man that wants to marry their daughter. In other words, get to know about the guy’s family background and who he is as an individual.

This helps to avoid a clash on cultural norms such as one having to marry from the same clan among the baganda or an unknown close relative which would be incest.

The other reason for this meet-and-greet is to set ‘omutwalo’ (bride price), which part of the possible dowry required by the parents and also determine a possible date for the ‘kwanjula’ (giveaway ceremony). 

It is during this time that parents determine whether you’re the right man to marry their daughter or not. Well, you’ll know when they approve and when they don’t.  





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