Get Ready For A New Pair Of High Heels And Prepare Your Feet For Them

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You can buy the most beautiful shoes, but you can’t buy class. Can you learn how to wear heels? The answer is YES; we are giving you some ideas that will help you walk in high heels looking stylish.

Give a girl the right shoes and she will conquer the world! A woman in high heels radiates glamour and elegance with every step if she knows how to move and walk with them.

They can make you look taller, slimmer, make your legs longer, have a better posture and make you feel more confident. But behind that charismatic distinction, there is a process to ensure success, and walking with 5’’ stilettos can be a little tricky.

This are some tips to prepare your feet for those heels, and feel comfortable wearing them.

Select the right heels for your feet

Before you buy a new pair of heels for that wedding coming soon, is it a good idea to recognize which type of feet you have. According to their shape, you will know what shoes fit you better, and avoid the pain.

If by example you have high arch feet, and you normally feel uncomfortable wearing heels, you may want to go for a slightly larger pair, and combine it with insoles. If you have roman feet, you may feel more comfortable wearing open-toe shoes, and if, on the other hand, your feet are most similar to Greek feet types, try shoes with rounded toe box, they will leave more space for your toes.

Get Ready

If you normally wear sneakers, ballerinas or flats, is going to be hard to break in those high heels. For beginners, a good practice is to walk at home barefoot like a ballet dancer. It will help prepare your feet and toes for their next challenge.

Choose your allies

There are many things you can do nowadays to relief that foot pain, or making your shoes fit better. You can use gel cushions under the ball of your foot, will make it easier to walk in long periods of time.

If you got shoes that leave a small gap in the back, you can fill it up with special stripes available in every Boots or Superdrug, you can add one or more layers of this tape to cover the gap and make your heels fit your feet.

If you feel pain once you are wearing them outside home, wash your feet with cold water, and apply some hand lotion. After that, you would be able to stay on heels without pain for a few more hours, but make sure to always carry plasters when wearing new shoes.

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Watch your posture

Learn to feel and look confident on your heels, first of all don’t look at your feet when you are walking. Look ahead and visualize a straight line. Lean slightly back to keep your posture straight, and walk placing down first your heel, and then your toe. Make small steps and don’t rush.

Practice makes perfect

When you are at home, try on your new pair of shoes wearing thin cotton socks on, and have short walks from your room to the kitchen or living room. Do this for a few days, and you will notice that your shoes are broken in, having moulded to the shape of your foot.

Heel your feet after heels

After a long day wearing heels, allow yourself to have a small ritual, it will help your feet to get rest. When you are at home, remove your shoes and walk barefoot. Soak your feet in water with salt, and if you got a tennis ball at home, place it on the floor, and roll your foot over it, it will massage the ball and sole of your foot. Elevate your feet to help the blood flow, or sleep with a pillow under your feet.

And only one last advice for that wedding coming up: Keep calm and wear high heels!




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