5 Things Smart Grooms Do On The Wedding Morning

Most successful men start up bright and early especially at the start of a new week and successful grooms do that too. Learn from them and be on your way to making your wedding plans look easy-peasy.

Set A Goal

Smart Grooms know the importance of setting weekly goals towards the execution of their wedding. Since it’s almost always overwhelming for the bride to carry the work load by themselves, they show their caring side by taking care of some responsibilities. They know it not only make them look sexy but it proves they are in control. Girls love that.

Communicate With Your Fiance

Your fiancé love to hear your voice in the morning! Men who make it an aim to call their girl in the morning are more likely to score good points with them for the rest of the day. Aside that, smart grooms are acutely aware that women feel more valued when their opinion on matters are asked and taken into consideration. Mornings offers great opportunity to get all of her attention, get an update on matters, discuss challenges and meet-up during the week. She would love you for being ‘the man’

Communicate With The Best-Man

Your best-man should be the next closest person aside the “wifey” with respect to the wedding plans. While his friend has got alot of responsibilities to take care of, smart grooms know that the whole success of their upcoming wedding lies majorly with them and not the best-man or chief bridesmaids. Hence, they communicate with their best-man to stay on-top of things as respect wedding plans and to tackle any concerns or hiccups along the way.

Communicate With The Father-In Law

Nothing is more important at this point in your life than making sure you are in your father-in-law’s good book. While he has lots to think of ( his little daughter would be off soon); as the D-day comes closer, he constantly needs the assurance that his daughter is in the right place with the right person and successful grooms know the importance of scoring points there too! Calling your father-in law at least once a week to talk on general matters and a touch on wedding plans would keep him bragging about how nice his future  son-in-law is!

Write A Plan For The Week

Setting a goal is one thing and writing down how to go about this is another. Successful men and grooms have long understood the need to scribble down a thought or action plan. You know why? They forget a lot even on the most important things and are smart to admit that. It’s not a sign of weakness, it’s just THAT and they know it so to avoid any confrontation and series of barraging questions with eyes-rolling moments from the bride- to be. they scribble some action plan down and get on with it without backing down.



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