How to Choose your Wedding Providers #MikoloTips

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Here we give some tips to help you save time and energy, but also obtain a more effective search.

One of the most important things when planning your wedding is deciding on the best professionals to help you. Organizing the wedding will usually involve choosing between four and ten providers: decor, DJ, bridal salon & makeup artist, the caterer, bridal cars, photographer etc… Choosing the right ones is not a matter of luck, but more of a method. Following some basic rules will allow you to find what you want and also create a sincere and trusting relationship with the people that will help you with your wedding.

The first contact is very important. However you do it (email, post, phone) it is essential that you do it with good manners, even if the person you communicate with doesn’t. They will instantly take you more seriously and respect you more, and it may be the person you end up working with for months. Manners don’t cost anything, and being sweet and polite will help them to treat you well.

Be precise. When requesting a quote, or just general information, try to provide as much detail as possible: date of the wedding, number of guests, likes and dislikes… the more information you give, the more they will be able to properly respond to your needs.

Keep track of your searches. You will likely be contacting many people, so it’s a good idea to create a folder to keep all the information in. Take note of all communications, and also a note of the feeling you get from them. It will be easier to distinguish between them and build up a picture of who is right for you. You will also save time rummaging or trying to remember the information.

Be polite at all times. Even though you are busy, don’t forget to reply to each and every person who has bothered to reply to you, even if it is only to say “thanks, but no thanks”. You never know, they may become useful to you again at some point.

Take your time to choose. Don’t say yes to the first thing that comes along, especially if you are still waiting for other quotes. Compare all the information you get and only confirm when you are 100% sure.

Have faith. The majority of professionals you will encounter in the large quality website are experienced and provide quality services. Don’t hesitate to meet them and talk about your needs.

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