4 Things To Remember Once You Have Your Wedding Dress

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You have been feeling so much pressure when looking for the ideal dress for you; you even thought that you were going crazy! But now it’s over, you have found it! Congratulations! However, there are some important things you shouldn’t forget.

Stop searching for more options
Stop browsing the Internet looking for more choices, stop taking a look at bridal fashion magazines, cancel all remaining appointments and don’t try on any more dresses; the decision has been made. Time goes by and doubts might start to materialise; don’t worry; you have definitely picked the right one.

Don’t show it to too many people
Keep it secret and the surprise factor will increase on your big day. Don’t upload pictures on social media sites and send photos just to relatives and friends you really trust; you will then prevent people from telling you what they think about the dress -you might not like what they say.

Diet & Exercise: take it easy

If you want to lose a few pounds before your wedding, seek professional advice from a doctor, a nutritionist or a fitness trainer and don’t forget to be realistic when setting your goals. Don’t forget that important body changes will probably make your dress look absolutely different.

You have the dress, now it’s time to enhance your look by choosing the finishing touches. Start looking for shoes, a headpiece, a veil, a belt, jewelry… There are uncountable choices to create a unique look. Should you already have your accessories, take them to your first fitting appointment and see if they suit you and if you really love them.




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