Bridal Party Setbacks And How to Keep the Numbers Low

Before you know it, Aunty A, Cousin B and your mother have all had input on who they think should be on your bridal party lineup. And then finally, you end up with twenty people on the bridal party with`out understanding what happened! Is this a Uganda thing?

I found it quite strange when I was planning for my wedding, aunties would call my husband or I to ask if their child could be on our lineup. I honestly never knew it was that serious! I have heard stories where friends did not show up to a wedding because they were not chosen to be part of the bridal party. Really?

Although people most often don’t consider it, a larger lineup comes with additional cost. You have to consider how many cars they will fit in and if you are renting motor vehicles, the larger the group, the higher your wedding transport budget will be. Each bridesmaid and groomsman will need flowers and the more they are, the more flowers you will have to order. Even the snacks served during photo session are dependent on the number of people and if you decide to purchase their outfits, this means more cost for you. I could really go on but I think you get the idea.

I didn’t want any kids on our wedding line-up, my husband supported this decision. Who knew it would be seen as a very contentious decision? My mother told me that my refusal to have kids showed how I did not want a fun wedding. I really didn’t get it but I stuck to my guns. There were not going to be any kids on the lineup!

Are you like me and want to keep your bridal party numbers small? Now, I am not an expert on this issue but here are five ideas on how to keep the bridal party numbers low:

1 – When asked about who is going to be on a lineup, defer and respond as though you have yet to decide.

This was one of the ways in which I got away with such a short bridal party. 

2- Keep it in the family.

My lineup was my sisters, sister-cousin and my sister in law.

3- Ignore the requests.

One of my husband’s nieces came up to him during one of our traditional functions and asked whether she could be on our lineup. It is hard to say no to a child, but we knew that the decision had been made. He told her that we would let her know. Well, she never heard from us. Some may call us heartless but seriously………Life Happens.

4- Think outside the box.

My sister in law only had one person in her line up. ONE! Despite the pressure, she kept the line up at minimum and then asked her close friends and family to dress in outfits reflecting the colour scheme of the day. It was a win-win situation as far as I can tell.

5- Just say NO.

This seems like an easy way to go but it is harder when it comes to family. However, if all else fails, say no.

If nothing makes sense to you in this post, remember, it is your wedding and one of the few decisions that you have control over. Good luck and happy planning.

If you had a small bridal party, how did you manage difficult situations?




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