How to Handle Bridemaid Mismatch #MikoloAdvice

This can make dressing up your besties a little complicated because even though Sue looks great in pencils skirts, Jane looks better in an A-line shape. Why? Because all of us are built a little differently and the idea of one-size-fits-all is really a myth!

Luckily, mismatched bridesmaids dresses really are a great way to keep everyone happy and still keep a bit of uniformity going. It also means you get to have a bit of fun designing a couple of different dresses – which is a whole bunch of girly fun-ness in itself.

Here are a few things to consider when it comes to girl shapes and the best way to flaunt each individual girl’s loveliness.


Wide hips and narrow shoulders are the traits of a pear-shaped lady and these traits are best accentuated with A-line skirts, strapless tops and anything that accentuates the waist. Don’t dress this girl in prints on the bottom – keep it monotone. If you’re using more than one colour, go dark on the bottom and light on the top.


A girl who accumulates weight above the hips – broad ribs and shoulders and narrow hips and thighs – is an apple girl. She looks great in V-necks as these create the illusion of a longer torso. She also benefits from having her waist accentuated and wearing empire cut dresses to hide her tummy. Short dresses work well on this girl as her legs are likely to be her best feature.


A girl with similarly proportioned hips and thighs set off by a tiny waist is an hourglass-shaped girl. She looks best in fitted dresses and outfits that accentuate her waist. The key is to show off her curves without going overboard.


You know that teeny tiny friend of yours who seems to have a body that just goes up and down? Well, she is a rectangle shape. You need to help her create the illusion of curves. Dress her in scoop necks or sweetheart tops and allow for a little ruffling around her midsection. You can also keep her skirt short to show off her legs.


A wedge shaped girl has broad shoulders coupled with very narrow hips and waist. Dress her in an outfit that calls attention to her waist and avoid putting her in spaghetti straps.


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