Looking For Your Bridemaids’ Dresses? Here is your Ultimate Guide

Now that you are engaged and you have found your girls, choosing the best bridal party outfits for them is one of the crucial wedding planning processes you have to tackle to make all your girls happy.

Choosing a wedding dress can be quite exhausting but always bear in mind that you want every one of your bridal team to look the picture of perfection on your W-Day. You need to thread softly and classy when deciding on how you want your bridesmaids to look – this is a very crucial and important moment for you and every one of your friends as friendships are made or broken during this wedding planning phase.

The bride most of the times has the final say in the choice of bridesmaid dresses because she wants every detail to work according to her wedding theme and colors.

Here are 6 tips in choosing your bridesmaids' dresses

1. Discuss with your friends in details their personal styles – you can add a little touch of mix and match bridesmaids dresses if need be
2. Be mindful of your friends’ budgetary concerns and always put this into consideration before deciding on the type of dresses you want them to wear
3. Always consider your bridesmaids’ body shapes and figures
4. Consider lingerie logistics – this all depends on the style of dress
5. Incorporate your wedding theme and colors into the dresses and stick to a maximum of 3 colors to avoid color conflict
6. If you have three bridesmaids and want to choose three different complementary colors for them, you can incorporate similar bridesmaid bouquets to create a harmonious feel.




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