Stuck with the Question of hiring an already made gown or tailoring your own? Here is advice for you

Ever considered choosing a "Bespoke" over an "off-the-rack" bridal gown and vice-versa? Well, here is an answer to all your questions.

Off-The-Rack Bridal Gown
I will start by saying this is the most common method</span> of choosing bridal gown whereby you walk to a bridal store and pick your favourite dress off-the-rack. It is just a custom design where designers create what they think is right for brides. The fabric choices, designs, and colour are picked by the designer.

Brides with tight schedules, I would say this method of choosing bridal gown is just for you although having in mind that there will be a limitation of fabric and colour and might be pressurized making decisions as there are so many styles to try on. The good thing about off-the-rack bridal gown is you get to try out designs you would never have thought would be right for you from different designers.
Although, the off-the-rack method has been a lot more convenient and easiest way of choosing a bridal gown, plus, there’s nothing like falling in love with your gown and being able to take it home that same day but there is most likely a need to make some amendment has most bridal gowns are made really large.

Bespoke Bridal Gown
This method of choosing allows you to take full responsibilities of your gown. You choose your fabric, you decide your colour and you also select a style. Have in mind that there will be limited or no gowns to try on since every gown made by the designer belongs to particular brides. You get to sketch what your gown should look like and your input as a bride is utilized by the couturier though might not be fully utilized as there are couturiers that are not creative. Getting more fitting is guaranteed with a tailored gown. Whether you are seeking to purchase an off the rack gown or a couturier to create your custom gown you will need to do your research.



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