Round Reception Table Decorating Tips

1. Think In Threes Sure, it's easy to commit to one arrangement, but why not work a trio? Group arrangements of similar colors and sizes in the middle. 

2. Invite An Accent Too much white can be a little boring. Why not disperse a metallic, like gold, in specific areas? Get the job done with chairs, chargers and a hint on your favors. 

3. Sweat The Small Stuff (Really!) There's something to be said about a style that's not so in-your-face. Subtle details often make a much prettier presentation. Yup, your guests will take note. The gold chargers can create a soft setting with detailing around the rim. Delicate strands of circles can then help pull it all together. 

4. Shape Up A round size can get a little help from some other shapes. Introduce a rectangle and square on top of plates to keep it from being too dull. 

5. Layer It On No one says you need to drench your tables in bright color. Bring in some texture through patterns like damask, florals, or stripes in a crisp ivory or eggshell.

Why Choose Round Nope, you aren't settling on the norm. There's a reason why we all love rounds (aside from the conversational benefits!). Circles don't need to follow any rules; they can mesh with just about any scenario. Here's a trick: Mix up the sizes! Add more visual interest by alternating between 60" and 72" rounds.



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