Maurice & Diana: We wedded on our 10th courtship Anniversary

One of God's greatest gift to man is the ability to Love.
Love is beautiful when you find the one you love that loves you back; the feeling is euphoric, every moment you spend with that special one is full of happiness at that point, you don’t want to let go. That is "True Love"

This amazing couple Maurice & Diana found true love and they have got to a point of no return in their relationship, that point that they couldn't imagine a lifetime without each other. And so they decided to take that bold step to begin a journey of love in holy matrimony. For them, this is the best decision they have ever made and they are super excited about it.

Maurice met Diana way back in primary school… Imagine, and Maurice only opened up his secret admiration to her when they joined secondary. Also this was not an easy task besause white Maurice joined Mengo S.S, Dianah went to Gayaza High school. The two sent each other letters back and forth and Maurice says "it would put a smile on my face everytime my name would appear on the notice board that I had mail". 

To be exact Maurice recalls S1, is when Maurice decided to open up to Dianah and as usual Diana took her time until 17-Sept-2006 whe she said Yes to their relationship and the rest is the wonderful story you are reading. From Sept-2006 these 2 love birds grew their love. Maurice vividly remembers their 4th courtship aniversary because its when he decided that they would be together forever.  

"…in our S.6 on 17th Sept on our 4th anniversary I proposed to marry her and I told her I would marry her on our 10th courtship anniversary which was 17th Sept 2016" Maurice shares

This lovely couple took their vows at Watoto church on 17th Sept 2016. 

Ceremony Venue: Watoto church
Reception Venue: J & M Hotel
Music & PA: Sound Blaze Events
Decor: Jeff 
Photography & videography: Storyline Pictures

Maurice & Diana's First Dance




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