Uganda’s Top Photographer Katende Muhammad & Zamarad Twaha’s Lavish Kwanjula -PHOTOS

Uganda’s number one Wedding Photographer and CEO of Katende Muhammad Photography LimitedMr. Katende Muhammad was at last introduced by lovely wife Zamarad Twaha to her family in at her home in Nkumba.

I am sitting here becharmed and brimming with happiness viewing these stunning Photos of this beautiful couple.  I can just feel the love between the beautiful bride, Zamarad and her husband, Mr. Muhammad resonating from the screen.

Without further or due check out their Cute wedding introduction (Kwanjula) Photos – [#MoneyMarriesMoney] 🙂

Photo Credit:  Katende Muhammad Photography






How Lovely


Zamarad Twaha's Lavish



Mr. Katende Muhammad and his Queen































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