It was all Royal Blue when Tay Lynda Introduced Nyanzi Geadion to her Parents and Friends

Royal blue is such a classic color for a wedding and for years brides have stayed away searching for something different and unique, however like most trend cycles, this sassy blue shade is back with a vengeance and this time it’s bringing other vibrant colors into the equation. Mixing up these unlikely colors is bringing a new edge to royal blue, one that is very different, but still very traditional.

But guess what!!! Gideon Nyanzi and Lynda decided to make their introduction all royal blue as Gideon with a big smile showed up in the traditional Kanzu with a royal Blue jacket.

On the other hand, Lynda looked amazing in a blue gomesi….

Tay Lynda Introduced Nyanzi Geadion Photo By

Lynda Introduces Gideon

Lynda Introduces Gideon

Nyanzi Gideon

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