5 Things that can ruin your wedding entertainment and how to avoid them

Your wedding is a cerebration of your union and you want it to be exciting and memorable.

So we asked Nyange Cultural Perfomers, leaders in the cultural performance, how a couple can ensure that their wedding is enjoyable.

Here are 5 things they highlighted that can ruin your wedding and also how to avoid them;

Playing of music that’s not related to weddings

We are talking about songs that are not befitting of a celebration or songs that create an awkward moments; such as circumcision songs, music with curse words and heartbreak songs. An experienced wedding DJ must be able to distinguish each and every song and select songs appropriately to match the occasion. To avoid this, ensure the DJ playing at your wedding has vast experience in the field and is able to comfortably play the right kind of music throughout the event.

Full dependence on Grid Power 

This is a risky move as the power from the grid is rarely ever consistent and is usually unpredictable. To avoid this, make sure your entertainment provider has a back-up generator that can comfortably power his equipment. This should also include the venue lighting if any LED lighting is provided.

Use of substandard equipment

This of course will be a source of unclear, unfavorable and unpleasant sound. DJ and PA gear come from a variety of manufacturers and not all are known to manufacture legit equipment.

To avoid this, you may visit to the DJ’s  events prior to your wedding, so as to see if his equipment’s performance matches your expectations.

The unskilled MC

Every wedding needs an MC with energy levels to motivate the crowd to dance; irrespective of the guests’ age, background or preference. Weddings are a celebration, so the entertainment or lack of it may bore the couple and guests.

To avoid this, have a well-known MC with a reputation to uphold, moderate your wedding. If possible, attend one of their functions in which they are performing. Or you could request them for a clip of their pre-recorded past events. This will help you to judge the skill of your MC and to decide whether he or she is the right for you.

Your role in the entertainment 

As the couple, you will be in the spotlight on your wedding day. And your mood will affect the mood of your guests. A gloomy couple with no dance moves and little presence will show the guests that that is a laid back wedding when it comes to entertainment and they will also not be excited.

This is your day, your big day, and your most memorable day. Don’t let shyness or embarrassment stop you from dancing and enjoying your day. Have fun, dance, feel exhilarated, feel the joy, sweat it out, impress your guests. And your excitement and joy will rub on to your guests too. 




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