17 Engagement Party Ideas More Fun Than Your Wedding

If you’ve recently been popped the question, then you’ve probably heard these two questions pretty often: "When is the wedding?" and "When is the engagement party?" For couples who want to savor this relationship milestone, an engagement party can be a great way to scratch the celebratory itch friends and family have been harboring since the ring met your finger. Besides, you should be over-the-moon excited too! We’ve looked far and wide for the best ways to celebrate and are so stoked to present you with the coolest party themes around town.

1. Glamping Party: Outdoorsy types, it’s time to step up your game. Hold a glamping party complete with chic painted lanterns, every s’mores recipe imaginable and booze-filled canteens. 


2. A Rooftop Wine + Food Pairing: Show friends and family that you’re on Cloud 9 by planning your party a little closer to the sky. This wine- and food-filled bash is a low-key way to throw down at great heights. (via Celebrations at Home)


3. Sunset Cruise: Amplify the romance factor by taking a swoon-worthy sunset cruise. Aside from the great photos (hello, golden hour), you’ll also subject guests to an intimate gathering that briefly sweeps them away from it all. (via Once Wed)

Champagne Bar

4. Champagne Bar: Couples, take note: From now ’til you’re pronounced married, champagne will be a part of everything from invitation addressing to dress shopping. Get into it with a champagne bar engagement party and enjoy everyone toasting to your happiness. 


5. Piñata Party: Maybe you got engaged in Mexico, or you’re just really into beating crepe animals to get candy. Either way, we think a piñata party is a great idea. Have guests write advice on paper to stuff in the piñata, and then break it open when the party’s coming to a close.


6. Backyard Engagement Party: A backyard gathering is the perfect backdrop for a family engagement celebration. Fire up the grill and start decorating!  


7. Globetrotting Backyard Gathering: Destination weddings are an awesome concept, but can sometimes be tough for guests to get to. Throw a globetrotting party at home or in a nearby park to give everyone the far-away feel right at home. 


8. Beach-Themed Engagement Party: For the beach-lovin’ couple, there isn’t much that tops the images of toes in the sand and salty breezes as the backdrop for your wedding. Celebrate with the beach in mind by throwing a beach-themed engagement party, complete with an ocean color scheme and sandy accents. 


9. A Bubbly Brunch: Few meals are enjoyed more than brunch. Get all your favorite people together for a casual gathering with a waffle station and a mimosa bar. 


10. Gatsby Inspired: Book lovers and Art-Deco appreciators alike are well-suited for a Gatsby-themed affair. Keep things authentic to the era by asking guests to dress in their flapper best.


11. Black and White Party: If a black-tie wedding is essential, a black and white party is a clever way to allude to what’s coming down the road. Pro tip: Colorful cakes and drinks will add a fun dose of juxtaposition to this theme. 


12. Architectural Backdrop: To keep planning low maintenance, knock everyone’s socks off with a mind-blowing venue. This party in an architectural wonder is a perfect example of what the venue can do to bring a theme together.

All White

13. All-White Everything: Hey, you’re eventually gonna be donning a white dress, yeah? Hint at the main event with an all-white party. We love that this styled soiree includes hanging flowers from above.

Fancy Brunch

14. Upscale Brunch: Breakfast foods can be classy too. Use thoughtfully detailed decor, like this lace tablecloth, to add a dose of elegance that will totally elevate your get-together. 

Wine Tasting

15. Wine Tasting: Got engaged at the same time as one of your main ladies? Throw a joint party in the form of a wine tasting! Get silly with all of your girls, and be sure to have tons of snacks on hand for when the liquid diet stops cutting it.

Outdoor Colors

16. Color-Coded Outdoor Gathering: To keep an engagement party from feeling like another summer BBQ, bring in the colors you plan to use for your wedding as a theme. Guests will love an inside peek into your planning process; this party’s subtle yet consistent use of navy is a perfect example of how to work your colors in.


17. Summer Party: Crank the tunes and bring out your best + brightest decorations. Colorful drink options and mini foods are a whimsical way to kick off this new chapter of your life. 

What kind of engagement celebration will you be holding? Tell us about your party in the comments!



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