Wedding Cake Tips from NHK Home Bakery

When Choosing your cake, make it as individual as possible. Just like the gown, it's a personal choice so go all out to impress. You can even play with two or more flavours.

Work with your imagination as well as your basket. You need one who listens and tells you how practical your ideas are.

Order your cake early enough. Some types of cakes naturally take more time than others. Time and season also matter. Confectionaers tend to have their hands especially full in December.

Sample the different flavours before you actually decide on one. Don't risk a chocolate coffee cream when you don't know what either of the flavours taste like.

Much as you want your cake to stand out, let it fit in with the general theme of the whole setting – in terms of colours, shapes or the general idea. Your cake is the centerpiece of your wedding; let it carry your theme.

Tips from NHK Home Bakery



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