Food is one of the most important elements of an introduction or wedding ceremony; here is why

For over two decades, I have been attending introduction/giveaway and wedding ceremonies but food has always been the constant element. It’s a must for any ceremony of a kind. In fact, have you ever sat to wonder why many invited guests to weddings don’t turn up for church but eventually flock the reception. The reason is always simple; food and may be cake, but food tops the list.

Those elegantly dressed in party outfits and cultural attires like the Gomesi and Kanzu for the ladies and gents respectively are today known for flashing their photos on social media with a tag line as, “time for kimele”, which translates that it’s time for food. It’s what invites the uninvited guests to an introduction or wedding reception.

During those two decades, I have sometimes had to sit on the sidelines watching people fight and struggle for eats and drinks on such events. On cultural events like the ‘kwanjula’ (introduction), the groom’s side (abakko) have been seen in a food mix with the bride’s side during poorly organized serving hours. That’s how far food takes people.

The due course and the aftermath of the lunch hour is always dominated by comments about the taste of the served meal. When it’s not good, that is when you have lots of leftovers at the end of the day while a tasty meal leaves many yearning for more instated of leftovers.

Unfortunately, some receptions have recorded deficits in food to be served to the invited guests. Personally, I may be in position to understand the situation but not all unserved guests will be happy about it.

Some catering service providers are known for bringing insufficient plates, trays, forks and maybe spoons if necessary. To worsen matters, some of these utensils are too old, pale and have lost the touch of brightness and sometimes even poorly washed.

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Salma Sandra's Nikka via mikolo