Wow! Meet this 100-year-Old bridesmaid (photos)

– Vita Cresswell had to pick out bridesmaids for her big day

– Her grandmother offered and she agreed

– Her grandmother is 100 years old and in a wheelchair but was still the best bridesmaid at the wedding

100 year bridesmaid

Vita Cresswell was getting married and needed to put together her bridal train for the big day. She could not imagine her big day without her loved ones and having been particularly close to her grandmother, she was delighted when the 100-year-old woman offered to be a bridesmaid at her wedding.

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Vita was skeptical if her grandmother could handle the stress and requirements for a perfect bridesmaids but to avoid disappointing her,  she kept her promise and ensured her grandmother was part of the bridal train.

100 year bridesmaid

Vita was pleasantly surprised when on her big day, her grandmother was the most active bridesmaid despite being in a wheelchair. The grandmother looked very happy and beautiful in her blue and cream dress and fitted in with the other bridesmaids.

This story really captures the love between a grandmother and her grand child. Would you let any of your grandparents be such an important part of your wedding?



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