17 Honest Thoughts Men Have About Their Wedding Day

Indeed, it’s no secret that weddings put a spotlight on the bride. But what about the groom — is he just as excited to walk down the aisle?

Thanks to a recent Reddit thread that asked men if they also fantasize about the Big Day, we now have a glimpse into what men are really thinking. Below, 17 thoughts guys have about tying the knot.

1. I am excited to have a party with everyone I love. 
“Fantasized from the perspective that it was going to be an amazing party [for several reasons]: all the people I love are under one roof, food, booze, music, plus dancing with my pretty gal. As for the ceremony itself, meh who cares.”

2. I can’t wait for wedding night sex. 
“Nah. About wedding nights, on the other hand…”

3. I fantasize about my future wife, but the wedding itself is secondary.
“I’ve never fantasized about the wedding. I mean, don’t get me wrong, weddings are fun and all, but I really don’t give a shit about ceremony. I’m much moreinterested in the relationship with my wife and future kids afterwards. That’s the kind of stuff I look forward to — coming back home from a long day’s work and getting to cuddle up with the wife.”

4. I never think about it. 
“I can’t remember ever thinking about it.”

5. I think about the food. 
“If there isn’t a chili & cheese nacho fountain I’m gonna be PISSED.”

6. I can’t wait to watch my future wife walk down the aisle. 
“Absolutely. There’s such a thing about the day being about the bride and, yes, 90% of it is. But I picture where the ceremony is and how my wife will look when I see her that day for the first time. I want it to be magical too.”

7. It’s all about the honeymoon afterward. 
“Nope. Maybe about the honeymoon.”

8. All I think about is how much it will cost. 
“It will be a waste of money.”

9. I think about eloping. 
“Elope. No fancy ceremony or any of that bullshit, just maybe a party after the fact when people’s rage cools down. Even better? Elope to an island or faraway country. Even if the family found out about it, chances are they won’t make the effort to travel.”

10. I fantasize about saying my vows. 
“I have, but mostly it’s just the feeling of partnership that I’m thinking of. I think about her and me, and the statement of commitment. I think about how powerful a thing it is to say ‘I take this person as my own.’ It’s a very powerful feeling for me. I don’t think about parties and dresses and tuxes, etc (well, not really). I think about people and writing vows and who I want to share that moment with (both her, and the onlookers).”

11. I’m more excited about proposing. 
“I don’t fantasize about the wedding. I do enjoy fantasizing about how I would ask my hypothetical S.O. to marry me.”

12. I’m stoked about having a wedding — and have few ideas!
“Actually, yeah. I even have a song picked out for my dance. Obviously, I’ll have to run it by my to-be wife but I’d like to think she’d be the type of person to dig it.”

13. I’m excited to be married, not get married. 
“Yes, but about getting married to someone, not about the wedding itself.”

14. I think about my wedding now that I’ve found the right woman. 
“I’ve only fantasized about it since I’ve met someone who I want to marry, but in my mind it’s more like just picturing her and standing at the altar and feeling the emotions rather than where I want it or what flowers etc.”

15. I think about the open bar. 
“I didn’t fantasize about my wedding, I only demanded that it have an open bar. The rest I left up to her unless she wanted my input. It was amazing. Definitely one of the highlights of our relationship so far.”

16. I wish my wedding was a video game. 
“Yes, I often fantasize about my wedding but it should be noted that my fantasy wedding involves fighting off gunmen trying to steal my wife from me.”

17. It’s less about the wedding and more about the life I want. 
“I’ve never fantasized about my wedding, but I have on many occasions imagined the life I want (wife, kids, farm etc.). “

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