Is it okay for a guy to wash their spouse’s scanties?

The year was 2009 when I first heard of a grownup man speak of washing his spouse’s scanties. It really sounded odd and quite baffling. I was learning something new in the relationship department. I may have been a bit naïve about relationships then, but I knew something wasn’t right.

It sounded so strange that I quickly sought the opinion of my brother and close confidant, Maurice. Unfortunately, he was more surprised than I on hearing the matter and quickly nodded in negativity.

I have always known ladies to be so secretive of their panties. In fact, if you walked into a lady’s room, you would realise that these very beautiful attires are always hidden in some place where not every common eye that walks in can see them.

Those living in not so spacious rooms wrap a scarf around them as they hang on a pantie-peg somewhere in the corner. I think that evidently tells one how private those pieces of wear are. However, that’s only a few who still have the moral discipline of personal responsibility in them.

As a matter of fact, those that don’t respect that part of their bodies today wash as many pairs of those so lovely attires and hang them on wires/hang-lines in open space. That is very wrong, Senga Gloria Nafunka (not real name), a resident of Kinaawa, in Wakiso remarks.

Though some say that they do it as a sign of love and care but Senga Nafunka thinks it’s a sign of laziness of the highest degree any woman or man can exhibit.

“It is very uncouth for any woman to let their partner wash their panties or even display them in public after washing them. Not only is it a sign of the highest degree of laziness on the side of lady but also a form of disrespect to the man,” says Senga Nafunka.

“Unless a woman is very ill to bathe herself, then her man shouldn’t wash her lingerie. Likewise, men should wash their own undergarments. It’s a sign of good hygiene and responsibility,” she adds.

It’s always something one should do as soon as they finish bathing but not keep a heap of them and then wash later. If one soaks their garments at night, then they should wash them first thing in the morning before departing for work or any other personal business.



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