The wedding colour ties together various wedding details and gives a beautiful and cohesive look to your wedding. The right colour combinations can transform even the dullest wedding setup while the wrong colour can ruin an otherwise stunning design. So here are a couple of tips to help you choose a colour that will look great for your wedding.

Play favourites:

When selecting your wedding colours a good place to start is by considering the colour that you are most drawn to. If you think you have no favourite colour, try looking through your wardrobe. Other than black or white what colours do you mostly have? Also consider your fiancé, what colours appeal to him or her.


If your wedding venue has a very striking colour, it might have a big effect on the overall colour scheme. So, have it in mind and choose a colour that would complement or match it. If you are absolutely not open to changing your colour then you might have to forgo that venue.

Bridesmaids dresses:

One of the best ways to showcase your wedding colours is through your bridesmaids dresses. And so try to envision how you’re the colour will look on the dresses, having in mind the pattern and fabric. Look online at other weddings where the bridesmaids have worn that colour and see whether it pleases your eye. Lime green may look great on the décor but you might not like it on the bridesmaids’ dresses. You might have to consider variations of the colour on the dresses so as to still stay true to your chosen colours. Or opt to use a different colour for the bridesmaids’ dresses and then use lime green in other areas such as the cake and decor.

Your wedding theme:

Just like colours, a wedding theme helps to tie together the details of a wedding and create a cohesive look. Not all colours are created equal. Some colours are more suited to certain themes than others. When it comes to a rustic theme think browns and creams. If you are going for a crisp, modern theme striking colours such as lime green, red, hot pink, royal purple, silver or monochromatic white and black. For a fun, playful look, consider bright colours such as yellow, turquoise and pink or a vibrant mix of bright colours.



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