Why Advertise with Us

Stand out from the crowd
Mikolo presents a perfect opportunity for your wedding business to stand out from its competitors and reach thousands of brides. With over 400 listed businesses, it's easy to get 'lost in the crowd', stand out from the rest with well-priced and customized advertising options.
A powerful online experience
Mikolo has invested greatly in developing a content rich, beautifully designed and world-class platform. Our site www.mikolo.co.ug represents a new alternative for advertisers wanting to reach brides ladies in general. Mikolo offers a powerful online experience of compelling local content, intuitive navigation, and delivering incredible opportunities for you to connect with thousands of visitors.
Certainty of Measurement, Tracking and Immediacy
There is no guesswork associated with measuring online advertising results at www.mikolo.co.ug. Unlike traditional media, all your online advertising can be tracked, from the number of ad impressions to an assessment of branding.
This is good news for advertisers because you have tangible evidence of Return on Investment when it comes time to measure your advertising campaign results. Additionally, online ads enable a direct response.
Increased Online Media Consumption by Ugandans
Ugandans are now consuming more media online than ever before with current figures of internet users in Uganda standing at 10.38 Million *. Companies all over the world are facing the reality that media consumption is being transformed by digital technology and with traditional avenues becoming less popular.
Mikolo embraces this change and provides a new platform for brands to advertise directly with event planners.
Strong Social Media Presence
Social media presence is now considered a non-negotiable by the large corporate and SMEs alike. Mikolo has a solid social media presence on many channels including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pintrest and YouTube.
We have nearly 23,000 Facebook users (61 % ladies) and a quickly growing reach on the other platforms. This is an additional channel that is exclusive to advertisers. It can be used for promotions or added value to all brides. 
Aggressive Marketing of our Website
Mikolo invests heavily on advertising our site through other leading websites and also global arenas such as Facebook and Google. We have committed a significant part of our revenue to advertising to a specific target market.
Therefore, a part of the investment you put into advertising with us goes to advertising our site which intern promotes your business.
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