Here Are 4 Good Reasons Why Your Ex Must Be Invited To Your Wedding

 Many think it is a matter that needs no debate, an ex belongs to the past, they reason – so they should be left there. If you listen long enough to these group of people, you are likely to unwittingly buy into their line of thought but today, refuse to toe that line, let’s explore the other side of the coin, there is even a greater chance you will love my argument (Yeah, right! I heard you. LOL).

At this point, it is okay for you to ask, why should I invite my ex, that ungrateful girl or the foolish unromantic guy to my own wedding? Chineke! Am I crazy? No you are not, neither is the writer, just come on and see the reasons.

These are my top 4 reasons:

4. For History Sake 

Every relationship, at least most, started with excitement, moments of endless conversations, constant blushing and seeming endless smiles. Before things got messy, there were good memories, moments you could hang unto, if only life was about the past. On one hand, the history you shared with your ex is a reason to have him/her around on your big day and on the other hand, you are inviting your ex to witness the beginning of a new history – your ascension to the union of greatness.

3. Rub Your success in His/Her Face

Some say nothing is sweeter than revenge, we say it is sweeter when you serve it with an enviable success.

Your ex walked out of your life even though you were hoping on a real future. It is fine! You got a better deal in whosoever you are with now, hopefully. That is an absolute one you have over that ex. Send that invitation, rub your success in.

On your wedding day, dance like your life depended on it, each time you look in his/her direction, let your face glow in victory, in between, make that, my-Boo-is-Hotter-than-yours face. Get your noisy friends to drag him/her to the dance floor and rock him/her into submission to shame. Just when he/she thinks the torture is over, send a thank you text and add: I hope you end up with someone half as sweet as my partner.

2. Teach Him/Her a Lesson

From the moment you notice his/her presence at the wedding, make sure it a class of life he/she walked into. Everything you do should remind your ex that he/she made a huge mistake by letting you go, whatsoever the reasons were. Give your ex a good memory of your wedding, one that will leave that – Oh My God! Why did I leave questing banging at the door of their heart all through.If you deliver on this, there is a good chance he/she will learn to not treat anyone else the same way you were treated.

1. Forgiveness

To be really sure you have moved on, you need to forgive and what a better way to show it than inviting that person to experience one of your happiest days on earth. Even the Holy Book encourages us to always forgive, no matter what.

Moving forward, as one that is stepping unto the next phase of life, it won’t hurt to begin such a journey with a clean slate and yes, there is always a possibility that you two may be of good help to each other. As they always say, you never know tomorrow.

Go on and send that wedding IV to your ex and thank us later. Cheers!



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