Whats the Right Age to get Married? Here are some tips on why you need to wait a little longer

A lot of girls fantasize about their perfect weeding, their perfect husband, and what their life as a perfect wife will look like. They’re often twenty-something in that fantasy. No one dreams about dating losers for a decade before finding the guy that is actually marriage material. But you need to understand that you’re not marriage material yet either, as a lot of clueless guys your age aren’t. Your 20’s are all about figuring that out. There’s nothing negative about waiting; here’s why you should shrug off the stigma and pressure to tie to knot.

1. People pretend like it’s some sort of vital milestone on an invisible checklist that you need to complete. In reality, three are so many other fulfilling milestones that don’t require you finding your future husband, and you should set those for yourself rather than feeling as though being single in your 20s is something negative.

2. If you throw a wedding in your 30s, your other friends will have their shit together enough to afford an awesome destination wedding, or some other party that they might be broke to go in their 20s (and you probably will be too).

3. Being totally comfortable in the realms of being emotionally independent will make you a better partner in the long run. The longer you have time to put your shit together in your twenties, the better a partner you’ll make in your 30s.

4. You have to date a few men to figure out what you want in the long run, because it’s hard to jut know right off the bat. Even if you love your first partner, you don’t necessarily know everything about yourself that you want and need, and you might need some time to grow on your own before you figure that out.

5. Traveling by yourself is one of the most fulfilling and self-expanding things you can do to take yourself out of your comfort zone and truly get to know yourself. Doing that with a partner is a totally different experience and a good one, but this one is important to do first, when you’re younger.

6. Because your “failures” are actually your greatest successes – because you’re figuring out more and more what makes you truly happy! Failures are just signs of learning and evolving, so the more you fail, the more you’re working towards your greater happiness.

7. Because sometimes we can tend to settle when we’re younger and less experienced. If we’re scared we’ll never find someone that will compare to our first love, or low self-esteem is preventing us from being with someone we deserve, that fear can often keep us held down with someone that doesn’t truly make you happy. You deserve more than to settle, so just wait it out. Solo nights with Netflix and cheesecake aren’t so bad.

8. You’ve learned how to become flexible and loosen up a bit. When you’re younger, you can often take the wrong things too seriously and take yourself too seriously. Sometimes it takes age and maturing to know that your way isn’t always the right way.

9. Similarly, after that self indulging and wild nights, in your 30s you’ll appreciate the quiet nights in and settling down/stability factor of being in a long-term relationship that would probably be boring when you’re in your 20s.

10. You’ll have more established self-confidence and be better equipped for more of the emotional curveballs that life can throw your way in relationships, and handle them accordingly.

11. If you figure out money stuff when you’re younger and without depending on anyone, you are avoiding a future of financial fights in your marriage later on. Financial independence and experience will make money talks with your partner less awkward and more harmonious.

12. You’re more secure and stable in your career which will allow you to invest more time and energy into your relationship. Often, when you’re younger and trying to carve yourself a career path, ambition can get in the way of love, since both can be strong priorities that are hard to juggle at the same time. When you’re more established, you’re more ready for a serious commitment in your love life.

13. You are in the sweet spot to settle down when you’re in your 30s. You’re old enough to know what you want more, but not so old that you’re over the dating scene and too tired to be excited about falling in love again.

14. Statistically, things are on your side. Women who marry in their 30s instead of their 20s have a way higher chance of a marriage that will actually last. The stereotype that half of marriages end in divorce is actually sliced in half if you just hold off till after your mid twenties.

15. You’re old enough to know red flags, and to know better. You can tell tricks that are hidden up guys’ sleeves, and if someone is playing you, and what actually makes good husband material. What might have swept you off your fee in your twenties, doesn’t fool you ass easily in you’re 30s – you’re not as naive to the suckers.

16. Sexually, you know what you want more. You’re not going to be stuck in a dead and orgasm-less world. Nope, you’ve learned how to demand what you want, in the best way possible.

17. Love is not more true or valid if you’re with the person for longer – you can meet your soulmate at 40 because you’re more prepared as a human being and know what you want better in life than when you were younger.

18. Your 20s are all about freedom and self-indulging. Let yourself discover and explore new things because your 20s are all about creating yourself and understanding who you are. If you’re in a relationship, you won’t outgrow a person if they have the ability to change, and if you’re single, enjoy that independence.



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