How To Keep The Cost Of Your Wedding Dress Down

How do you find a wedding dress that looks incredible and yet doesn’t cost a lot? Does such a dress exist, or is it simply media speak for ‘home-made’ or ‘vintage’?

According to Heather Levine, senior fashion and beauty editor of an American wedding TV show, there are certain tips you can follow to make sure your gown costs a fraction of runway fashion wedding gowns, and yet looks just as good.

  • Go for something minimalist – a wedding gown that is highly elaborate will cost a lot more than one that has simple, classic lines; whether it’s an A-line or a wide skirt, a dress with few adornments is timeless.
  • Adornment highlights – even if you want something a little more glitzy, or textured, you will still save on cost if you do this only on one part of the dress. Using crystals, gems, pearls, beads, sequins, lace edging, ribbon or buttons on only your belt, skirt, or bodice will save you money.
  • Know what you want and stick to it – if you’re having your dress made for you, a change of neckline or sleeve can up the bottom line significantly and make the dress a lot more expensive.
  • Go for a silhouette, rather than a gown – sheath style dresses are not only more in evidence on the runway, they’re also incredibly elegant and romantic. And the amount of material you will use will be a fraction of what you would use for a ball gown.
  • Shop at sales – many wedding shops will have annual sales to get rid of stock so that they can make way for new dresses. Sometimes you can get as much as 80% off a sample dress. The only downside is that they could come slightly soiled – a  lot of people may have tried them on before you. And they tend to be smaller sizes.


  • Shop online – not sure that I could do this, but some brides have found gorgeous online ‘worn once’ dresses. Make sure there is a ‘return policy’ and buy a dress according to your biggest body part – if your bust is a 14 and your hips a 12, buy a 14. You can always adjust a dress that is too big.

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