Unveiling The Veil With 5 Stunning Options – PHOTOS

To every bride, the wedding dress is a huge deal. From the style, to the fit to the design; every single detail has got to be just right. But how about the veil?

It is the number one wedding accessory and can either take the already lovely dress to a whole new level of fabulous or it can put a damper on your entire look. So before you settle on a veil, have a look at the options below to figure out what works for you. 

1. Shoulder length:

The shoulder length veil is a classic. It is pretty popular because it works for pretty much any type of wedding dress. And because it falls anywhere between your shoulders and above the waist, it allows you to show off the detailing and designs on your wedding dress.

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After the unveiling, the blusher is normally flipped back or detached altogether. Your maid of honour should quickly step in to help smooth it down or take it off if need be.

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Also, the shoulder length veil is not cumbersome and can be left on for as long as you wish. An interesting twist to the shoulder length veil is a double layer veil such as the one above which adds fullness to the veil. The shoulder length is great for ball gown dresses as it does not interrupt the flow of the skirt and allows you to display the feminine cinching at the waist.

2. Birdcage:

The birdcage is a short veil that falls no further than the chin. It is ideal for a vintage look and has made a serious comeback in the recent years with brides going for this look even for a wedding with a modern theme.

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This design creates an air of glamour and unabashed romance and it photographs beautifully. Another great advantage to the birdcage is that it is not bulky or cumbersome allowing the bride to wear it comfortably for as long as she desires.

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The birdcage usually comes in a firm fabric such as tulle or French netting to ensure that it maintains the desired shape and does not cling to the face.

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3. Waterfall or cascade veil:

This veil is designed to gradually fall on the sides to form a delicate frame or silhouette. 

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Due to the cascading effect of the design the veil will sway softly as you walk down the aisle.

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If you are going for a delicate and exquisite look then the waterfall is a great fit for you. To make the cascade design stand out go for a waterfall veil with elaborate lacing on the edges.

4. Mantilla veil:

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The mantilla is a veil which originated in Spain and is made of a circular lace or silk fabric .It is draped over the head and shoulders and simply falls onto the sides to form a beautiful silhouette. 

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This veil looks best when paired with a fitting, sultry dress to complete the soft, delicate look. Should you opt for a mantilla veil, consider one with elaborate lacing on the edge for a dramatic look.

5. Cathedral Veil:

This is a veil that falls all the way to the ground, past the edge of the wedding dress, to form a train. If you are going for a dramatic look and would like something that will make a statement, then this is it.

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For the bride who does not want a dress with a train and yet would still like to have a train that they can easily take off then this works perfectly. 

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During the ceremony enjoy your long elegant train, courtesy of the cathedral veil, and then at the reception you can remove the veil and dance away without having to worry about your train. In case you would like the design of your dress to be visible, even with the cathedral veil on, then consider a subtle sheer veil.



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