There are few things that can ruin a reception more quickly than bad centerpieces that are far too fragrant or are too tall to allow conversation.  Wilted centerpieces and centerpieces that all look exactly the same bring their own problems to your reception.  Here are some centerpiece tips that will help you avoid some of the most common and disastrous centerpiece mistakes.

1. Designs With Variety

Having the same centerpiece on every table can lead to your reception looking a bit monotonous.  Instead, design two or three centerpieces with the same theme to give your reception a welcome variety of texture while making the space more dynamic and attention-getting.

2. Use Local Options

Getting your centerpieces from a local company means that the practices used to grow and gather them are probably more sustainable. The flowers will be fresher and cost less than varieties from florists outside your local area.

Also, vary Your Choices. One of the most important centerpiece tips is to ensure that you won’t be left completely without centerpieces by choosing a good variety of local flowers.  In the case of a natural disaster or some other calamity, having a variety of choices will mean that you’re not left without any centerpieces at all.

3. Creativity Matters

If your flower budget isn’t quite what you’d like it to be, don’t make the mistake of settling for centerpieces you don’t really like just to save some money.  Instead, try incorporating fruit and vegetables in your centerpieces to make gorgeous still-life presentations.  Combine your flowers with complementary colors of fruits and vegetables and make the most of your limited budget.

4. Maintain Visual Contact

These centerpiece tips are meant to help you avoid major centerpiece problems, and this is a really important one.  Make sure your guests can see each other when they’re sitting at their tables.  Centerpieces that are too tall will make it impossible for guests to converse with each other across the table, effectively shutting down communication and frustrating your guests.

5. Overwhelming The Senses

Your guests are not at your reception to smell your centerpieces, especially if the scent is cloying or clashes with the food being served.  Keep the floral scents to a minimum and keep your guests from being overwhelmed by too much fragrance.

6. Keep The Vases In Mind

While the flowers are obviously the star of the show when it comes to your centerpieces, sometimes the vases they’re contained in are just as important.  The small details are what will set your reception apart and make it really beautiful and special, so make sure your centerpieces match your theme, right down to the vases.

One Last Thing

These centerpiece tips will help you stay away from major problems, but it’s important that your centerpieces are pleasing to you. It’s your wedding and reception; you should be happy with your choices.



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