Wedding Day Make up tips

No matter how experienced you are at makeup, taking photos of your completed look is the best way to check the effect you have created. You’ll be surprised just how much more makeup you can wear in the photographs and still look natural. Practise until it is perfect, and take photographs in both natural and artificial light to ensure you are happy with your look.


Your foundation can make or break your photographs. It should be medium to full coverage, and not reflect light when photographed. Light-diffusing, anti-ageing foundations or those containing a sunblock can ‘bounce back’, creating a pale, ghostly look.

If you’re planning on applying your own base, ask your bridesmaid or mother to check that it’s well blended on the jaw and hairline, and behind your ears if you are wearing your hair up. It’s really important to apply a base on your ears too, so that they don’t look red in comparison to your perfect complexion. A foundation brush will allow you greater coverage as it doesn’t absorb the foundation like a sponge. Brushes are much easier to use than they look and give a flawless finish to your skin.


When choosing your eyeshadow, select tones that suit you and make you feel great – not just what’s in fashion this season. Go easy on shimmery, glittery eyeshadows. If over-used, they’ll make your whole eye leap forward in photos like a goldfish. Instead, use shimmer sparingly as a highlight under your brow bone, on the ball of your eyelid, your cheekbones and your temples – just sweep up gently from your cheekbone. For a soft bridal look on your eyes, use a soft eyeshadow brush. The softer the brush, the more subtle the effect, and the easier it is to make it look great as minimal blending is required.


Always use blush. Many women are scared of wearing blush, but without it you may end up looking drawn and lifeless. The best rule of thumb with blush is ‘less is more’ – just a little on the apple of your cheek will give you a fresh and youthful look.


Decide what type of lipstick you want to wear and then choose your shade from what’s available. Only use gloss if your hair is off your face or you are having an indoor ceremony and reception, as there’s nothing worse than hair blowing onto sticky lips and spreading lipgloss all over your face. A matte lipstick will give you a classic Audrey Hepburn look, while a sheer or frosted one will place less emphasis on the lips.

Layering your lip products will help your colour last longer. Start with clean, dry lips. Firstly, line your lips with pencil, and then smudge the pencil over your entire lip as pencils have stronger pigments than lipstick n and will create a stain on your lips that will remain long after your lipstick has worn off. Then add your lipstick and your gloss, if you’re wearing one, over that.

Finally, practise your smile, and use it a lot on your big day!

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