Men are like bees, they are always attracted by the scent of beautiful flowers

When I was still a teenager, I always wondered why women kept on visiting the saloon like it was another place of worship. On my count, at least these women visited the saloon 2-3 times on average every month.

It was something that always baffled my mind until one day when I braved up my beardless head and asked one these women as to why they frequented the saloon. At the time, I wasn’t so much interested in knowing the why but rather how much money they spent each time they hit the saloon.

“Personally, I go to the saloon at least twice every month especially if my hair isn’t plaited. I go to do some ‘treatment’ or ‘retouch’ which makes my hair always look fresh and stylish,” a lady whose name I cannot even afford to remember said.

During that time, she told me that treatment or retouch’ cost her 4,000 and 7,000 respectively every time she checked into a saloon. Now to me that sounded expensive in the long run because I was looking at it from the financial perspective and not it benefits.

However, with the ever changing economic environment, I have learnt that the cheapest treatment today goes for about 15,000 and can go as high as 80,000. Retouch costs about 10,000 for the cheapest and can go up to 100,000 shillings.

Much as this is still expensive to my ears, trust me the frequent visits to the saloon are often worth it for the ladies especially for that are married or in serious relationships.

However, just because it’s hard doesn’t mean that it is impossible to achieve. I always refer to Barbie Kyagulanyi (the wife to famous musician Bobi Wine) who has managed to maintain her stunningly beautiful looks even after managing to pop out four children. It’s not a miracle that she looks the way she does.

While she cares about others, Barbie also knows that it’s equally important to care for herself just as much. It’s what keeps her in shape and looking lovely. Her husband is always attracted to her seemingly never diminishing looks.

You may not have the money to keep hitting the saloon for a stylish hair look, treatment of retouch but it’s very important that you keep your hair with an elegant look.


You don’t have to hit the gym as some do, though it may help to keep your body in shape or buy every brand of Vaseline and lotions there’s on the market to ensure a baby face look. In my experience, it’s actually good that you stay loyal to a certain brand that works for you.

It’s also good that you limit the makeup. Drink enough water to ensure a well hydrated skin for a baby face look. Do some exercises because these are very key to helping you maintain a certain figure or weight. Also regulate your diet or eating habits.

You are the flower to your spouse so ensure that you keep on watering yourself. It will always attract that bee back to you. There will be no reason for the bee to search for another flower if you still have the nectar in you.

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