Questions To Ask Before Saying Yes To Being A Bridesmaid

But there is a lot to consider before accepting to be part of the bridal party. Here are some questions one should ask before saying yes to being a bridesmaid.

1. Will I pay for my dress?

The dress is a big deal when it comes to wedding be it for the bride or bridesmaids. It’s always important

to ask the bride about who provides the dress, in most cases the bridesmaid gets to pay for their own dress while in rare occasions the couple may offer to pay for the bridesmaids’ dresses.

2. Do I get to keep the dress?

This depends on who buys the dress in the first place, if the bridesmaid buys the dress then she can keep it but if the couple sponsored then it’s always good to know whether you can keep the dress or give it back.

3. How much time am I supposed to commit?

The role of a bridesmaid comes with too many responsibilities. This involves several activities such as shopping, dress fittings, some parties or any other help the bride may need her bridesmaids to do. This may be done weekly or in a space of two weeks or monthly. The bridesmaid to be must be willing to attend and be part of the engagements that the bride decides upon.

4. What are the extra costs involved?

With all the activities that are involved such as throwing a bridal shower or moving from one town to another for a particular engagement, the bridesmaid to be must be aware of any extra costs so that she decides whether she can be part of it or not and if she can handle the extra costs necessary.

5. Do I have a say in what I am wearing?

The dress for the wedding is a big deal. As much as the bride wants to look her best, so do the bridesmaids. The bride usually decides the colors and fashion of the bridesmaid’s outfits. This may not go well with different bridesmaids depending on the size of the bodies and what they may find fitting for them so it’s better to find out from the bride if anything changes can be made depending on what the bridesmaids may like.

6. Will I need to write or give a speech?

Giving a speech on the wedding day is usually left to the maid of honor but in some cases the bridesmaid may also have to give a speech and so such information is vital as some people may not be confident enough to give a speech in front of many people.

7. Are there any cultural requirements I need to adhere to?

Different people have different cultures and in some cases the bridesmaids may only have to attend to the bride but also do some other cultural stuff like dancing around with the guests, not out of choice but out of obligation. It’s always good to know all the little details.

8. What are my responsibilities?

The bridesmaid has different duties and responsibilities to do during the preparations and on the actual wedding day. This could range from attending and organizing the bridal shower, ensuring the bride is comfortable on the wedding day and has all that she may need so as a bridesmaid to be, you need to know what you are signing up for.

9. Will you be asking me to change anything about my appearance?

This could range from the body size or change in hairstyle. Some brides may ask their bridesmaids to go on a diet as they require their bridesmaids to be a particular size as they get ready for the wedding. Some brides go ahead and ask their bridesmaids to also change their hairstyles according to what she wants.

10. Who else is in the bridal party?

To be a bridesmaid means you won’t be alone. You will meet other girls who will be on the bridal party and since the main aim is to help the bride, it’s better to know the people you will be working with as its good to get along with your fellow bridesmaids in order to have good memories of that important day of your friend or close relative.

11. Do I have to say yes?

No.You don’t have to say yes simply because you want to please the bride. It’s always good to make such an important decision out of your own will and capability. It should be something you do because you want to, and are willing to deal with all the conditions in order to carry out your duties, so it’s never a must to say yes when your best friend asks you to be part of her bridal party.



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