How To Choose Your Dream Wedding Venue

It’s where you will make your life time memories and you want to find that dream place that is unforgettable. 

Here are some tips to help a couple find their dream wedding venue.

Start searching earlier.

Once he pops the question and you are ready for the next step, start looking around for the best wedding venue starting with wedding magazines and online websites. Book as early as possible because you need the venue before sharing the wedding date and having the invitations made so the earlier the better for you.

Keep an open mind.

When looking for a venue, be as open minded as possible and look into as many different venues as possible as some may appear better in the magazine or online and give a different view in reality so it’s better to visit many places.

Read reviews from other brides.

It’s definitely worth reading other reviews from other brides about the venues you are shortlisting. This helps a lot in gauging a venues consistency in proving their services and also get a get an idea if the people who used a particular venue were pleased.

Narrow down your list of venues to visit.

After looking at several options of venues, take priority as you narrow down the number of places you will actually visit as this will help determine which one you will ultimately like best.

Consider your budget.

Before actually paying a visit to a particular venue, make sure you have as enough info as you can so that you visit venues that are within your financial means so it’s always better to find out about their prices.

Try to visit at the same time as your wedding reception.

Try to visit your preferred venue around the time you intend to have your wedding or at a time when that venue is holding another event so that you get to see how it looks like and you visualize the look and feel of the venue on your actual wedding day.

Know your needs.

This involves the number of people you intend to invite, if there is anything specific you may require, do you need to add props and does the venue handle people with special needs like those in wheel chairs in case you have any or children, is it safe to have small kids play around?

Consider your theme.

While it’s much easier to build your wedding style and theme around your venue, some brides will already have a certain look in mind and this will often dictate which venues they put on their shortlist.

Consider travel time.

The logistics of your wedding day are important as you want to make sure your schedule runs smoothly and allows you ample time for the important things. Consider the distance between the ceremony location and the reception venue you are interested in as it’s wise to limit unnecessary travel for you and your guests.

Do a wedding menu tasting.

For couples who prefer to use the same catering services offered by the venue, it’s always good to have a menu tasting if the venue offers that. This helps a couple make an informed decision about what dishes to serve their guests.

Ask for professional opinions.

Ask the venues wedding coordinator if they have any recommendations regarding styling and set up of the venue to accommodate your guest numbers and choice of theme. You may have your ideas but they know the venue and how they can get the best out of their reception spaces.

Take photos.

Taking your own photos gives you another perspective altogether. This can help plan better things like a photo booth and other styling decorations you may like.



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