OMG!!! Where am I going to start planning my introduction and then my wedding?

OMG!!! "Where am I going to start planning my introduction and then my wedding!!", Wonders one young bride to be. Worry no more, the mikolo app is here to help you plan your wedding/introduction/function in a matter of hours. Some people have come up telling you days but the team at Mikolo says you just needs some few hours at your desk in office to fully network with all your service providers and plan your function.

When we started out, we looked at what challenges people were facing in search of search providers for their different functions. We took this research and modelled the results into an application to help people cope with the trends. Remember, no serious Employer will give you the time you need to plan your function. However, with the mikolo platform, you can out smart your master.

With all these new features coming up, we urge all the service providers to join as partners and grow their business with 24/7-hour advertising

If it is an event, will sort you out.

For any more information contact us and we will be at your service. Please recommend this.



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Asaba James and Twinomujuni Deborah via mikolo